Coredination - a Movement Studio

Coredination - a Movement Studio


About Us

COME SEE WHY Professional ballet dancers, certified pilates & certified yoga instructors, & dedicated dance teachers MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR YOUR BODY AND WELLBEING: private & semiprivate pilates reformer and low chair classes, pilates mat classes, yoga classes, tap dance for kids and adults, jazz modern for teens and adults, broadway repertoire dance, and classical ballet training for all ages 2-adult.


A Community Town-Wide Flashmob for you! Call to participate and to sign up for all our Zoom classes for dance, Pilates & Yoga.
2019 Bonedale Ballet Winter Dance Performance - January 26, 2019.
Coredination & Bonedale Ballet Winter Class Schedule!
New Class: Broadway Repertoire Dance Class at Coredination & Bonedale Ballet.
Grand Opening  August 24 2018!
Class Schedule 2018
Gallery Image Thrill_the_World_2018_initial_meeting_poster.jpg
Advanced ballet dancers from our 2018 dance performance.
Les Sylphides dancers from our 2018 Spring dance performance.
Kids Tap dancers from our 2018 Spring dance performance.
Creative Dance, "Birds" from our 2018 Spring performance.
Toddler dancers from our 2018 Spring performance.
Autumn fairies- 4 Seasons Variations
Spring fairies & Puck- 4 Seasons Variations
Spring Fairies- 4 Seasons Variations
Summer Pas De Deux- 4 Seasons Variations
Bonedale Ballet students, Keanen Bell and Riven Sky Badgett
Owners/ Teachers Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica
Teacher, Anthony Jerkunica and student, Riven Badgett
Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica, Sylvia Pas De Deux
Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica, Ad Guray yoga ballet
Alexandra Jerkunica and student, Grace Weideman
Dancers & Dinosaurs ballet, "Youthasaurs"
Alexandra Jerkunica with young Bonedale Ballet students
Alexandra Jerkunica instructing pilates chair , "catback"
Anthony Jerkunica instructing Yoga
Alexandra Jerkunica instructing Pilates Reformer, "Pull Straps"
Dancers & Dinosaurs- Tappasaurs